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Jamie Bramlett
Jamie Bramlett's Article

Meet the Team

Meet the Team: 

Jamie Bramlett, Sales & Services Team Leader

10+ years’ experience 

1.888.242.2685 | ext. 10


Jamie came to the support department at SchoolDesk seeking a simple part-time job, not a lifetime career. In the beginning, she was part of the Support Team and assisted with live chat, customer support and website content migration. A few short months into her support role SchoolDesk CEO, Rob Frierson gave Jamie the monthly task of calling all the customers to check in on them and proactively resolve problems and to answer customer questions. He wanted her to see how they were doing, and make sure they didn’t have any questions about their site. What was expected to take a month to complete actually got completed in only two weeks. Customers were calling in saying, “We love Jamie” and asking specifically for her when they had issues. People love the quality relationship that Jamie provides. Realizing that her exemplary customer service talents could be utilized in more ways, Rob offered her a position in sales, and she has been there ever since.


Problem-solving and working with customers is my passion. I love working with people. I love having the ability to help resolve their issues.  I don’t do it by myself.  Everyone at SchoolDesk has the same passion and drive.  My job is to listen and work as a liaison between the client and the SchoolDesk teams, as well as to continue to grow our company through the acquisition of new customers.


Jamie brought with her over ten years of combined customer service and sales experience when she joined the SchoolDesk team in 2014. She makes sure customers are receiving everything that SchoolDesk offers and that they are satisfied. As the liaison between them, she treats every school as a unique case, and evaluates the needs of each school, allowing for extreme special services and customization.


If they have an issue and I must refer them to another team member, I always follow up to make sure that the customer is happy with the resolution and that their problems were fully resolved.”


SchoolDesk has always built and developed new features based on Customer Feedback, and Jamie works closely with our development team to share new ideas and feedback from customers. 


If there is a service that you need that is specific to your schools, we are going to make every effort to meet those needs.”


Typically, if a school is in need of a service or function, other schools will need it as well. Jamie listens to everyone’s needs and filters it through the various SchoolDesk channels to take action on all customer needs. She is the one that makes stuff happen. She is also the liaison with all the departments. She treats new customers, family, and colleagues, the same, giving each person her attention. She loves to help people and that is her key role at SchoolDesk. 

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