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UH OH! Someone has a case of the Monday's...

Everybody in the tech world has difficult days... and today even the greatest and largest technology company in the world had global website outages.

Don't worry Google, it happens to the best of us.


If you seem to be having trouble with Google applications inside the Widget module or the just released Google Calendar module- just know that Google is working to restore their servers as fast as they can.


On the flip side, this is an excellent opportunity to give the SD7 Events module a chance to shine! The Event module will allow all the same features as your Google calendar PLUS: 

  • Push events to other school calendars so you only have to enter the information ONCE
  • Categories for sorting departments to find the right events FASTER
  • Register for Events and/or reserve rooms or equipment
  • Locations for events
If you have any questions on how to get started please reach out to any of our available Support lines!