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New photo and image editor for your sites

Move over Photoshop! Now you have your very own built-in image and photo editor built directly into your SchoolDesk websites!

After months of hard work by our development team, we have just rolled out a REALLY cool new feature that everyone is going to LOVE!

The process for editing images on your site used to require you to crop, edit, resize, etc. on your own computer in Photoshop or some other paint program BEFORE you uploaded it to the website.  And if you needed to change it after uploading it, you had to delete it, edit it on your computer and then re-upload and re-link to it....What a pain!

Well, if those issues bugged you before, you're going to love the new web-based image editor that allows you to do just about any kind of editing to your images directly within the website!  When you save your images, the changes you made to it will immediately be seen by everyone instantly!  Now you can crop, resize, recolor, turn, twist, remove red-eye and SO much more directly in your site without ever having to re-upload your images!

So just log into ANY text editor within ANY module (text box, announcements, FAQ, events, etc.) and click on the "Image Manager" icon in the tool's the one that looks like a small mountain with the sun over it....the same place you would normally go to add an image to your page.

Then you can either upload an new image or find an existing one that you want to edit, crop, resize, etc. by searching within the uploaded images and then click on the image you want.  You will see that image appear on the right side of the pop-up window.

After selecting your image, just click the "Image Editor" button and a new pop-up window will appear the full width of your page, and you'll see all of your image editing options at the bottom of the screen.

Now you get to "play" with your picture and all of the editing options until you have your picture just the way you want it.

When you're finished editing, just click the "Save" button and your modified image will be saved directly to your website.

If you already had that image some place on your website, then the old image will automatically be replaced with the newly edited version.





How cool is that?!?

We hope you all enjoy the new image editor in SchoolDesk, and make sure to spread the word about it to everyone you know just in case they have not yet joined this blog or our Facebook or Twitter pages.   This is just too cool to keep it a secret!


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